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When you think of ‘The Worst Game Ever’ many things will pop into your head. Bubsy 3D, Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, but, for most people, the title that rings out most is Superman 64.

Video has now arisen of the beta of the game from 14-20 months before the games release. The beta isn’t just the rings without any Metropolis in the background, but its an actual game.

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ForROME2392d ago

sigh; wheres my phone booth

Magnus2392d ago

Yea glad I never got the game on my N64 it literally sucks flying through rings and the flying noise would get annoying and honestly the game looks like it belongs on the Atari Jaguar. The beta using heat vision on the bad guys and listening to the scream really gets anoying. And having DC dicate the game they want it I would have scrapped it if i made the game.

maniacmayhem2392d ago

Superman is long overdue for a good game.

It's a no brainer, EA almost had it right. If they can recreate that without the time restraint of releasing with the movie it should be a winner.

hazelamy2391d ago

well there's a bit of time to tie one in with the new superman movie, that's not due out till summer 2013.

TheHardware2392d ago

We had it, and the funny part is we have coined this the worst game evar even before it started showing up on ever "worst games ever lists"

I think they should do a superman 64 remake (uhh but good