Official Xbox 360 Steering Wheel [TPV] Review

TPV's Adam: "I began the race from a stopped position, I laid into the gas heavy, squealing my tires an jerking back and forth. Somewhat mad, I realized that this was a simulation game and that I had to revert to my real-world knowledge of racing and vehicular control. Within seconds I was able to steer and control the car around the track with ease! The sensitivity was perfect, spot on! The gas and breaking also played along really well. I was really impressed with how the whole thing came together and how it felt."

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MariaHelFutura2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

It looks weird, like 3/4 of an F1 wheel. Plus, how much does it cost??

Kurt Russell2414d ago

It does look odd, but the review seems to be full of praise. I would be tempted for the right price.

legreffer2414d ago

It's $60, but there's some deals available. I just ordered it bundled with Forza 4 for $80 @

BDSE2414d ago

That's weird, I thought the era of physical controllers was dead and you were the controller?

kneon2414d ago

For dance games getting rid of the controller is a good thing. For racing games it's definitely not, having a physical wheel to hold in a racing game just adds to the realism and immersion. This is one of the few genre of games in which we can get absolutely realistic controllers, some are nicer the the wheel and pedals in some of my cars.

Now this controller, or any handheld wheel for that matter will never be as good as a real wheel and pedal setup, but for casual racers or people who just don't have the room for a real wheel this is a good alternative.

BDSE2414d ago

Oh so what you're saying is Forza 4 ISN'T better with Kinect, I feel dirty- like the packaging was lying to me.

JOLLY12414d ago

Actually it is better with Kinect. The head tracking is nice and Autovista mode is not good with the controller.

kneon2414d ago

Yes but neither of those activities is controlling the driving, driving is always going to be better with a wheel.

As for head tracking, Kinect wasn't really needed to do that, GT5 does it just fine with the PS Eye.

LettingGo2414d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this thing. VERY responsive! It's a cheap alternative to a normal racing wheel...and arguably more comfortable than one.