Staff Blog: Duke Nukem Forever, Another Persons Point Of View

GameGrin Writes - ""Come get some! Hail to the King, baby!" Any 90's gamer will know exactly whose lines these are; the red-vest-wearing, cigar-smoking, babe-loving ass-kicker Duke Nukem. And any Duke fan will know just how long it took the latest entry into the series, Duke Nukem Forever, to come out; to put it simply, it took forever. But it's fair to say that the game didn't exactly live up to the hype according to most reviews. Or did it?

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contra1572325d ago

It didn't live up to duke3d, it lost all the elements that made the game special (fast paced gameplay, unlimited inventory of weapons to choose from). Now its turned into every fps game mechanics .look around every fps has the same mechanics as cod (tuck my gun to run, can only hold two weapons, wheelchair speed gameplay). That's fine if cod has those since the game is shooting for realistic gameplay. Now What excuse does all these fantasy games have? Its supposed to be fantasy not Real life. Duke is a fantasy game treated as a real life game just like cod, its like every fps on the market nothing different

Adolph Fitler2325d ago

I've played through most of the campaign, & I think the game has been great. I really have enjoyed the game & while I do agree with your complaint about the lack of weapons wielding (only being able to carry 2 at once), Contra157,.....your other complaints are not really applicable, in the sense that complaining of this games speed, then comparing it to COD is nuts, as COD's biggest bulletpoint, & it's pinnacle in which the entirity of the rest of the game is built is it's nice, blistering 60 frames per second frame rate, then couple that with the flawless, fluid, silky smooth controls & you have the foundation of a truly great game. Compare that to Duke 3d, & you have the opposite in that it ran pretty rough & probably at around 10 frames a, & the controls were very patchy, itchy & scratchy, when compared to the COD's, TS's other 60fps 1st person shooters over the last 7-8 years.

Duke Nukem Forever is certainly not the greatest 1st PS on the scene today, but I will say that it's far from the worst, & I have been trudging through the PS3 version at my own pace, along with my tons of other PS3 & 360 games, & I can honestly say that I have not a single regret about purchasing this game, & even put it on a few weeks back as I was thinking I'll try finishing the single player off quickly & trading it in, while I can still get decent $$ for it.....well, I played for a couple of hours, was hooked, & pretty soon after starting to play it again I dismissed all thoughts of a trade, & decided the game was one I am happy to keep in my collection.

There are certainly faaaar, faaaar worse titles on the market, & ones releasing every day.....and to me DNF was certainly not at the terrible end of the scale, & I even rate it well above average sheerly for it's fun factor, playability, enemies, humour & such & I believe anybody that scored the game under 7 needs to pull there finger outta there butt, & there nose outta Activisions butt, as DNF has a lot to offer if you went into it expecting nothing more than a bit of lighthearted fun. The multiplayer is pretty decent too (if anybody is still playing thanks to all the abysmal reviews that was the trend to give it upon release).

Oh, & labelling the COD series as realistic FPS's is like labelling Burnout as a realistic racer. The COD series has got more unrealitic, fast, twitchy, & arcade like, with each new iteration. You cannot get a more unrealistic, casual friendly 1st person shooter this side of Timesplitters. Thats why it has such a huge following. That game allows the most casual of players the oportunity to get some kills, & for the hardcore experienced veterans....well, they just keep cleaning up, hardly ever dying, due to there massive buildup of perks & such, & the fact they know the ins & outs of every level through the repetition of playing every waking hour.

contra1572324d ago

You don't know what you're talking about