Modern Warfare 3 – The PR Machine & Your Money

Sadly, like many things that base their success on popular culture their time at the top must come to an end. Call of Duty will always have its fans but its time as a zeitgeist movement is starting to fade.

We all know that the media love to sensationalise a good story or even these days, a review...

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videoxgamexfanboy2414d ago

i agree 100%. i bought mw3 hoping it would be at least better looking than mw2 but it really is a copy and paste job. this is disgraceful, acti should not be allowed to get away with this but unfortunately they will and i am part of the problem. im not gunna get into the whole bf3 vs mw3 war but its clear more care went into making bf3 the best game it could be and mw3 just sticks to the script. R.I.P. COD...

PotatoClock2413d ago

Sadly, when a company like Acti have easy money waving in their face, they don't screwed around, they take the easy money.
Why bother putting in effort when they don't need to?

When the ones who buy COD eventually mature as gamers we might finally start seeing a change...

Hicken2413d ago

Here's hoping that actually happens. The sad reality is that the landscape of the gaming industry currently makes it so that the "average" Call of Duty- type gamer feels right at home: no commitment, no challenge, and often little value.

If things keep going the way they're going, this new generation of gamers will be conditioned- as if they aren't already- into accepting more CoD and such as the norm, and things that don't fit that mold will fade from the business.