Games ‘decrease empathy’, cause ADHD, writes Oxford scientist

BeefJack: "Oxford professor Susan Greenfield links games with aggression, ADHD and shizophrenia in an embarrassingly misinformed section of her book. We scrutinise her claims..."

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JellyJelly2421d ago

Apparently being a professor at Oxford makes you narrow-minded and 'increases stupidity'.

Pozzle2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

It's funny that she links video games to both ADD and Schizophrenia - two disorders that haven't been 100% proven as to what the causes are. There are theories, of course. And patterns that might point to possible ADD and schizophrenic sufferers. But video games isn't one of them.

In fact, the closest known cause of schizophrenia (besides it being a hereditary condition) is drugs and alcohol abuse, and even then it is debated as to whether drugs CAUSE the schizophrenia, or whether schizophrenia sufferers take drugs as a way to escape or block out the disorder.

The fact is, nobody knows what causes some people to develop schizophrenia or ADD, while others don't. So her claims are...well...stupid. Maybe the people she studied already had those disorders before they started gaming...maybe they play video games to help them escape from their disorders and have a few hours of fun without the pressure/struggles of everyday life.

k2d2421d ago

Playing nothing but Call of Duty 4 hours a day might have an affect on youths development of empathy. Saying that about games in general is plain wrong.

Jourdy2882421d ago

I think you're right- while I don't think CoD is going to make kids kill each other (otherwise we'd have a MUCH bigger set of problems right now) maybe the way they're playing isn't exactly helping their cause...
Think about it. Leading psychologist who has no idea what she's talking about sees a bunch of children shouting slurs at one another over the *GASP* technology, meanwhile shooting one another in the face, she's going to panic and assume it's the video game at fault.

John Kratos2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Been playing games all my life, apparently I'm schizophrenic and didn't know it. It really is insult people who have to deal with the disease to say it can be caused buy a certain form of entertainment. My uncle has severe schizophrenia and trust me it's a scary, awful disease that isn't caused by something as trivial as a videogame. So seriously she needs to shut the fuck up.

Also why don't we try to find out if movies, music, or books cause the disease seeing as how thy're mainstream forms of entertainment also.

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The story is too old to be commented.