Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Selling Out in UK

There was never any doubt that Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would be hugely popular, but the belief was that the publisher had taken the appropriate measures to ensure that supplies would be available to meet the demand. However, reports this morning are suggesting that this isn’t the case, as retailers throughout the UK are reporting stock shortages.

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hiredhelp2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Funny my sainsburry's had them in this morning,along with morrisons.
looking at my online retailers there's no issues there eaither?

@ nix I know :-)

Septic2171d ago

Yeah I called Morrisons up and they have plenty of copies. I think the major game retailers might suffer from shortages but not Supermarkets (at least I'm hoping so- I haven't picked up my copy yet).

hiredhelp2171d ago

yeh thanks for the heads up there septic.
liking the quake 3 arena icon ;)

digger182171d ago

The masses have spoken =)

Micro_Sony2171d ago

Whats wring with you UK people.

All you do is play FIFA and Call of Duty.

FAGOL2171d ago

Yes because everyone in the UK only plays FIFA and CoD.

claterz2171d ago

I'm from uk and I HATE FIFA !!

Mw3 will be selling out all over the place not just in the uk.

TLG19912171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

im from the uk and HATE FIFA and football in general
and HATE COD with a passion

give me an actual game where some effort and ideas have gone into please!!

Tachyon_Nova2171d ago

Its pretty sad when somebody actually hates a game, I mean grow the f**k up.

Septic2171d ago


"Its pretty sad when somebody actually hates a game, I mean grow the f**k up."

How ironic.

hiredhelp2171d ago

UK PEOPLE, Ok firstly Not all "UK PEOPLE" play call of duty. myself i cant stand the franchise now. i prefer socom,bf series ect. hell ill even play 007 than call of duty now.

And i suck at fifa so dont bother there.

Luc202171d ago

So many ads here its crazy and everyone seems to be hyped for MW3. Am not getting this game though - there are much better games to play.

Pacman3212171d ago

I live in England and i am currently playing uncharted and dark souls..

csreynolds2171d ago

For every UK player on CoD there are about 5 Americans, and at least 3 French/Germans/Spaniards/Dutch . If you belong to any of those nationalities, I'd like to congratulate you on making the most hypocritical statement of the day.

DigitalRaptor2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

No. These "UK people" you speak of who only play FIFA and Call of Duty are the people who treat gaming so casually that they buy like 4 games per year, and FIFA and CoD are always included without fail. They don't look at reviews, but buy the games on the brand name alone and sheepish nature of their friends. They fall for the marketing and don't tend to think for themselves.

ANIALATOR1362171d ago

Couldn't have said it better

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FAGOL2171d ago

Well it looks like Royal Mail lost my delivery AGAIN. This is the 5th time within 2 years. ARGH!

And stock shortages? There's plenty in supermarkets and GAME stores. The only place i've heard that's out of stock is best buy. But they have limited stock anyways because they were selling the game for £30 just for today.

TLG19912171d ago

its probably your post man knowing full well all the game shapped parcels are cod and selling them on ebay when every where is out of stock for double the price.

Dark_Overlord2171d ago

Royal Mail have their own Ebay shop that is filled with (wait for it) STOLEN PACKAGES, there was a massive news story about it a while ago, Royal mail got in some major sh*t over it. They even stated that they relied on these 'lost packages' (stolen you mean you thieving c***s) to generate revenue.

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