The Controversial Call of Duty: MW3 Cut Scene: What Do you Think? Is this Wrong?


Modern Warfare has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to offensive media in their games, Call of Duty MW2 brought with it the Airport Massacre and now MW3 has included the death of a family caught on camera.

Is this right or wrong? When does gaming and storytelling cross a line? are people overreacting when there is as gruesome content in TV and film?

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Yi-Long2358d ago

... or in a book!?

No. it's not 'wrong' here.

Septic2358d ago

The MOST violent video game doesn't even come close the some of the most violent movies or books- The Hostel, Saw etc.

HappyGaming2357d ago

Exactly this is perfectly normal in the entertainment business!!! And what I hate to see is things like this happening and the child walking away while everyone else dies!!! :/

inveni02356d ago

For something not interactive, no, it's not terrible. The only reason video games are treated more strictly is because some of it is interactive, and no one can agree on whether or not playing graphic scenes hurts the player psychologically.

-EvoAnubis-2358d ago

I agree. Why is it that only games have this same level of scrutiny? Hell, this is NOTHING, even compared to the episode of Dexter I saw two days ago. This guy cats like there were blood and guts all over the place, with the kid's mangled corpse prominently displayed in the foreground.

If THAT'S "wrong and completely insensitive" to this guy, maybe he should stick to Viva Pinata, Super Mario Brothers, and other games that aren't clearly marked rated M.

radphil2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Honestly I think that since video games are making more of an impact now on the entertainment series than movies, books, and music others try to hold it under scrutiny because of the ease of ability and access to this media.

Quite frankly though, the scene doesn't even come close to some of the other stuff you see in games. You even see far worse stuff on the news.

I'm more surprised that there was a damage icon for the father holding the camera. :p

LordStig2357d ago

it's because video games are an interactive media, you can assume the role of the hate filled mob boss while in movies you can only watch and observe. It's just another form of blame MTV, because if there's something you don't like or find offensive you'll highlight these things to make your argument valid.

Yi-Long2357d ago

... yes it's 'interactive', but shooting someone in a videogame might LOOK violent and might be a re-enactment of violence, but it never really FEELS violent. It's just a skill-based game of 'tag', so to speak. There's no personal emotion involved in the form that it's an act of 'agression'.

With movies and books however, you often DO get a personal emotion cause you can relate to characters, you don't know what to expect, it's out of your control, etc etc. It's much more common to weep and cry about a movie or a book, than it is to do so from an interactive experience.

Not that I'm saying violence in books or movies are 'bad' or 'wrong'. You just have to be a mature and responsible person and know and decide for yourself what you do and what you don't want to see.

I know there's some stuff I just don't want to expose myself to, so I just stay away from it. Very simple.

LastDance2357d ago

that explosion looked crap

theonlylolking2357d ago

For people who do not play games with graphics better than call of duty. Everything that happened couldnt look any more real.

SignifiedSix2357d ago

that's because it wasn't the frostbite 2 engine ;)

rdgneoz32357d ago

@theonlylolking so everyone who never upgraded from a ps2, xbox, or gamecube?

chazjamie2357d ago

a cut scene, lol. i wonder what the next mw would be: text.

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Michael-Jackson2357d ago

This is stupid if it hits the news. Like Fox news, they might be all over it in the coming days.

I've seen similar and worse stuff on free TV so I can't see why this is controversial. Oh wait it's in a videogame so it's bad...

grailly2357d ago

I don't think it's "shocking" or anything, but I do think it's dumb and out of place. Do we see scenes like these in transformers or die hard? no, because it makes no sense to put them there.

even in war movies, and catastrophy movies we don't have these. there also is no reason to why you would see it through a camera. It's just bad story-telling...

Prophet-Gamer2356d ago

I've seen much worse in movies, anime, and other entertainment media. This is pretty tame compared to some of those.

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brettyd2357d ago

hhahahaha wrong? that was awesome.

Cirran2357d ago

I have never purchased a CoD game in my life...I may now.

killershadow1172357d ago

I have seen worse on cable TV. You see NOTHING! Hell, you can make the argument that the kid is still alive since you see no body or aftermath from it. This isn't wrong at all, and if someone tries to make the argument that it's wrong because it is interactive then you are stupid. You are controlling a camera here and have no other control besides whether to look left, right, up, or down.

Jayjayff2357d ago

previously i thought that it played somewhat like "No Russian" where you're actually the one that can make the killing (Didn't find it offensive) and was against doing it to children but yeah even thought it is use as a cheap way to get attention ( like they don't have enough anyways )i feel like they didn't cross any lines.

SaxScrotumz2357d ago

Seems very fitting for a war game.

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