DS sets new UK sales record

191,000 units sold in one week is the highest in the history of the games market.

Nintendo is today celebrating a phenomenal week of sales for its Nintendo DS handheld. The platform holder has announced to MCV that weekly sales for the handheld reached an industry record of 191,000 units, more than any hardware format has ever achieved during the same period.

"We're obviously delighted to be able to announce this," said a Nintendo spokesperson. "Momentum has been increasing on DS sales and to achieve the highest weekly sales figure ever in the history of the games market is fantastic."

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predator3833d ago

holy [email protected], thats a hell of a lot for the uk in 1 week, dam

PS360WII3833d ago

That's just nuts. Although it's the DS so I can see why it's selling so well :)

MaximusPrime_3833d ago

figure probably go higher during xmas

coolfool3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I do a lot of travelling, so portable gaming is of interest to me so can someone tell me why I have absolutely no inclination to buy a DS?

I just can't seem to see any games that I wan't to play (maybe FFIII). I think the reason is that I would like a portable console with games big enough to keep my interest for a while. All the DS games seem to me that they are just pick up for 10 mins to play and put down again games.

I guess that is the market the DS is catering for?

predator3833d ago

yeah i do a lot of traveling and i also dont have any interest to get a DS, for me its gone to kiddie and nintendo have forgoton there real fans, i mean come on do you really want a hand held with a game about ponies and bratz, dam. im happy with my PSP.

PS360WII3833d ago

Well it has the FFIII you mentioned and also has FFXII now which so far is a nice rpg/rts type game. Contra for your side scrolling action games, Zelda if you are into exploration, Orcs and Elves for dungeon crawling, Sim City for well city building (a very well done PC to DS port).

DS is more into the RPG's and training games, but has a good assortment of action titles and full blown games. The library is insane and just takes a bit to look thru till you have a nice long list of games you want to play. It really does have something for everyone, and yes it has kid games as well.

DS and Wii have that can only be for kids status for that's really all the advertise. They have other games out there other than Brain Training and friends they just don't indulge that knowledge to people

coolfool3833d ago

The PSP is the more adult system (and the one I use for portable gaming) but let's be fair, it also has a reasonably poor library of games. Most of them are lacklustre ports and the genuinely good games are just so few.

I guess in summary I am just hard to please in the portable gaming world. If the DS wouldn't be just quite as kiddy oriented as it is, I might actually get one but you give a good few examples none the less....

predator3833d ago

coolfool- without a doubt its libary of games is poor, its like developers dont bother anything original for it, its all ports of ps2 games, im waiting for the new god of war game, as my ps2 broke a while back and havent got a ps3 yet i havent played god of war so this would be my first time.

PS360WII3833d ago

Yea I have the PSP as well. You are correct with the game assesment unfortunatly. If you have a PS2 you basically own all the PSP games out there. I guess if you're into the hacking/homebrew world of PSP it's a rockin system but I like to give the devs/producers there due and buy my PSP games ^^

Either way whichever handheld you have should serve you well. I enjoy handheld gaming just as much as console gaming :)

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