New screens revealed for Ridge Racer on PS Vita

Namco Bandai Games have revealed several more screenshots for their upcoming PS Vita exclusive arcade racing title, Ridge Racer.

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eldeladi2415d ago

PS Vita is turning out to be a mobile powerhouse. I just wish it was around the $170-$200 range at launch. it would make it sell so much more

Agheil2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

cmon people were expecting this thing to cost around 500 with the features it has.
-quad qore processor
-DUAL analog sticks
-Multi touch 5 inch OLED screen and back multi touch pad
-dual camera's
-Amazing social connections through facebook, foursware and features like party chat and commenting on friend trophy achievements
- AND LETS NOT FORGET the amount of games releasing for this BEAST like uncharted, soundshapes, lBP, modnation racers, resistance burning skies, wipeout 2048, gravity daze, ruin, the list goes on

But in the end people always want something for a cheaper price thats why when I sell stuff I always price it a bit higher and when people lowball me its ok. They think they got a bargin and i usually get the price i want lol.

SonyStyled2415d ago