Uncharted 3 free DLC for keeping your arm outstretched

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Sony's made Uncharted 3 gamers jump through a lot of hoops for various DLC promotions. If you're full on Subway sandwiches, and stopped by AMC Theaters for the Uncharted 3 preview event, then you might be interested in this new promo--easily the most bizarre of them all.

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BushLitter2443d ago

I took a practice run and then got thirsty. Must fill empty hand with beer

Parapraxis2443d ago

May I suggest first, filling it with a glass.

BushLitter2443d ago

LOL. Good idea. Suffering from beerhydration

WhiteLightning2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

What about if you have a fake arm....

I thought ND said they wern't a fan of exclusive DLC yet they pumped them out of the past few months. E3 U3 codes, PAX even the one you get with buying the statergy guide CE and the vinyl figure.

bub162443d ago

standing still for 2 hours to get "Mystery Weapon 6" which you will probably get through collecting treasures anyway. NO THANKS!!! I have better things to then with my life

how lame...

BushLitter2443d ago

I'm not sure why you have disagrees. This contest is incredibly lame. Besides, I'm not sure it's physically possible to keep your arm outstretched, and still, for 9 hours...even with a fake arm White Lightning!