OXM UK: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

OXM UK: "When you complete Modern Warfare 3's first proper mission, Black Tuesday, you get an Achievement. It's called 'Too Big to Fail'. You can read into this in one of two ways."

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Septic2388d ago

Lol you have to give it to them. An achievement called "Too Big to Fail"- it can be read in several ways as OXM point out.

I'm annoyed because this game has piqued my interest again. How fickle am I?

dirigiblebill2388d ago

At the end of the day it was always going to be a solid game. Not spectacular but solid. It's the variety of modes and customisation options in multiplayer that does it for me.

Gamer19822388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Whatas amazing is they scored it only 9/10 sure you might say 9/10 is a lot and I would agree with you but OXM has a bad habit of giving every major FPS on xbox 360 10/10. They gave gears 3 10/10 this year. So I am shocked they never gave the full 10/10.

dirigiblebill2388d ago

You thinking of OXM US? OXM UK gave Gears 3 a 9.

SlickShoes2388d ago

Having bought the last 4 COD games I will be passing this year, still find it increasingly hard to let it pass and not give in to buying it though.

Keep telling myself saving up for my holiday will be worth it.

GMWPS32388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

As long as it is more like MW1 than MW2, count me in. It's not about picking sides (CODMW3 or BF3), I's all about being a gamer.

I got BF3 and so far I'm enjoying the single player campaign and I plan on getting CODMW3. I didn't like Black Ops nor the other one before it set in Asia. I bought both but didn't finish the single player campaigns.

Gamer19822388d ago

I ain't getting this after getting previous 3 games and realising there exactly the same damn game with new maps, skins etc.. There's only so much I can play before I get bored. Plus my kid cousins plays (There 12 and 9). It just shows the age range of players playing these games now. I tend to stay away from games where the kids play. These are now kids shooters. Gears is the best multi player online game for my 360 and uncharted for my ps3.

Venjense2388d ago

Anyone can beat MW2s SP - it was horrible.