Video Game Consoles (1970-1976)

Here's a list of gaming consoles that have appeared over the years. Bring back any memories?

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lynx1halo3856d ago

For my memories ive still got to go with Atari above ANY OTHER CONSOLE

Maddens Raiders3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

that was nostalgic. Great article. My first system was the Atari VCS, but my next door neighbor (who also happened to be my 1st cousin's house) owned the Magnavox Odyssey² and I remember playing football on that system with the little telephone like controller all night long, especially during the holidays. Man, these pictures bring back some great, great memories. A little later I got the NES and absolutely LOST MY MIND. My Mum would nearly have to beat me to get me and my cousins off of Super Mario, Gyromite, Top Gun, Duck Hunt and Excitebike to go to bed.

Ahhhhhhh...... simpler days.

I still have my Atari VCS and my 2600. Hah, I guess we really had some great parents.

Good read.

Bathyj3856d ago

I had a console that I've never seen since. I think it was a Hanimex or something. I think it was before Atari 2600 as the graphics were even worse. Great article, I've owned so many consoles. Greatest System for me, I would have said Commodore 64 even though technically I guess its a PC with a massive 64k of RAM. The day I retired my tape deck and finally got a floppy disk drive I was sooo high tech. (remember when floppys were actually floppy)

Maddens Raiders3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

when floppy's were floppy and diskettes were like "whoa"..hey is that a diskette after floppys got the boot.

Remember that game Karateka I think it was? They had that game up and available for us to play during study hall at my school w/e we wanted or needed a break. I used to play that game for hours on end. I guess it's gone forever. 8D

Bathyj3856d ago

Our school let us play the Hobbit game a text based adventure. The Last Ninja series was one of my favourites along with Bubble Bobble (which I have on PSX) Commando, Ikari Warriors. Man we used to stay up til dawn like it was the greatest thing on earth. C64 parties rules.

Vip3r3856d ago

The earliest console I ever played was the Sega Mega Drive 2 or Genesis I think it was called in the States. Columns still kicks ass on it.

The Maverick3856d ago

its so funny i wasnt even alive when u guys platyed most of those the earliest game i can remeer playing is pokemon blue on the gameboy followed by the legend of zelda the ocarina of time, the only game i brought for the n64. LOZ OOT was the best of the series, sadly they were the only and last games i played on any nintendo console

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