Will This Real-Life Discovery Impact Uncharted?

Meanwhile, in the real world, The Daily Telegraph recently reported that an expedition is underway that might have discovered the location of Drake's long lost fleet.

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BDSE2389d ago

Um who actually cares?

calibann2389d ago

People interested in things happening in the world. Why did you even comment if it does not interest you?

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llMurcielagoll2389d ago

Although 'potato salad' is actually off topic but it was awesomly random +funny bubble for the lols!

If there was a +random Bubble I would definitely vote for that.

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Bolts2389d ago

I hope they're packing a lot of fire arms and employed former spec ops personnel. Because if the pirates won't kill them the monsters certainly will.

RufustheKing2389d ago

it's a game for crying out loud.

Hicken2389d ago

Somebody please explain to me how this would affect Uncharted, as I'm not sure.

BitbyDeath2389d ago

I'm sure some websites could use it as an excuse to mark the score down lol

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