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Giant Bomb: I asked you last year, and I'll ask it again now: Do you want to play more Call of Duty? It sounds like such a simple question, right? But even if you've kept current with the series and enjoyed it up to this point, it's a good time to check in and ask if you want more. Do you? For millions and millions of players out there, the answer will probably be an automatic "of course I do, why would you even ask?" But if you're actually on the fence about this thing, hopefully it helps you to know that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 provides more Call of Duty with some new maps, new modes, and new options. It doesn't make grand changes to the things that have worked in the past, though it does make some smart additions that some will certainly appreciate. But if you've finally reached your limit on the scripted campaigns and COD's specific style of multiplayer, none of those changes are going to pull you back in. It probably doesn't take a genius to figure all that out, but if t...

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it outexplodes everything that Michael Bay has ever done

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Summary of this great review.

"But the whole thing feels old at this point. The new tricks feel more like a distraction designed to make you forget how revolutionary Call of Duty 4 was. I will certainly buy and play a copy of Modern Warfare 3, but there's nothing here that makes me want to shut off the rest of the world and obsess over it anymore. It makes you wonder if the franchise's best days are truly behind it and where Infinity Ward and/or Sledgehammer go from here, let alone Treyarch, who will presumably iterate on Black Ops in 2012."