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EDGE: Against all odds, in light of what has happened at Infinity Ward since Modern Warfare 2, the third game in the series is remarkable. Modern Warfare 3 is an ending, and one that resists the easy temptation to leave threads dangling. More importantly than that, it’s a hell of a package: MW3 not only maintains the high standards of the series’ previous singleplayer campaigns, but offers what feels like the best iteration of COD’s world-conquering multiplayer thus far, as well as a thrilling update of the second game’s Spec Ops missions and a new Survival mode.

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The Meerkat1786d ago

Sometimes you think you've got a handle on how Edge scores.

Then this happens.

SDF Repellent1786d ago

You mad bro. This is not a xbox 360 exclusive so you can't use the inflation score bias as an excuse. What is it this time?

DonaldBeck1786d ago

nobody said it was a 360 exclusive? what are you on about? sdf -_-

Septic1786d ago

Haha brilliant Meerkat.

Okay, now I am really intrigued. Edge don't give out high scores lightly and to give COD the score they have and then praise it the way they have- can it be? Have we really got the COD game we deserved to get all that time ago?

FML! I'm off to buy this at lunch time then. However, if I EVER subscribe to COD: ELITE- you all have permission to stone me with gummy bears.

JellyJelly1786d ago

Let he who is without COD cast the first bear.

badz1491786d ago

they just have to prove us wrong and did it in style!

frostypants1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Will *any* of these reviews address whether or not they finally fixed the host-peer lag issues that have plagued the last couple of CoD's? I mean come on already...

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pucpop1786d ago

I knew it would beat BF3. Yaaasss!!

HurstDarkStar1786d ago

Wonder how much they got paid cause you'd think a critc would hate playing the same games repackaged each year <:D?

Zynga1786d ago

Will this have an online pass for the ps3?

Rage_S901786d ago

No, only sony and ea do that.

badz1491786d ago

they already announced the ELITE! Imagine the shitstorm coming if they also use Online Pass!

hot1111786d ago

It looks like this game turned out pretty good,great in fact.Haters got owned,woooo

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