Final Fantasy XIII-2 to feature tougher boss battles for veterans, easy mode for newcomers

El33tonline writes:

"The latest issue of Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation has plenty of interesting titbits about Final Fantasy XIII-2. The most significant of these is that the game will come with an easy mode for newcomers to the series, or people who simply couldn’t be bothered to spend extra hours on level grinding."

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GunofthePatriots2445d ago

ENOUGH! Stop trying to cater to the "new comers". My god.

consolez_FTW2445d ago

Remember the good old days when Final Fantasy didn't have difficulty levels??

Square needs to go back to their roots and just make another classic FF. Enough of this trying to cater to the casual side and the people who didn't even like FF in the first place.

Us true fans are getting screwed over. Only hope I see left is FF versus and we've haven't seen anything new with that in forever.

Godmars2902445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

More like they need less emphasis on realtime mechanics. You know, exactly how vsXIII is going to be?

Just making sure, I mean to say that vsXIII will only be about realtime combat and events.

So far Ni no Kuni is showing the best example of an explorable and scaling over world, and that's exactly what FF needs on HD consoles.

BitbyDeath2445d ago

@Godmars290, Kingdom Hearts 2 did realtime battles really well.

If they just stick with that formula i'd be happy.
Oh and summons should also just come out, attack and leave.
I hate these new ones you have to control like they're just another character.

maniacmayhem2445d ago


how are the fans getting screwed over? Because there's a casual/easy mode.

just bypass it and play normal mode....problem solved, crisis averted.

kreate2445d ago

cuz the old comers left

iamtehpwn2445d ago

uhm. Why the HELL are people complaining an optional difficulty that almost all modern games have?

Nerdmaster2445d ago

I hope they understand that tough is different from boring. The bosses in FFXIII weren't really difficult, but they took a loooong time to beat. After spending half an hour in a single boss battle, it's just not fun anymore.

TheDivine2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Fact is gaming is mainstream now, theres a massive market of people who want to play this just as much as us. Its fine if they offer newcomers an easier mode or for people who just want to enjoy the story. As long as its tough for me with hard ass bosses im fine with it. Im really glad theyre adding in more extra bosses, some of the ff13 bosses were hard as hell for me especially some of the summons. You have to be fast and cast specific buffs or spells. I remember nearly waking up my gf's nieghbors at 3 am from me jumping up and down when i beat one boss. Hope they are EPIC.

As long as they dont change the difficulty for us who cares if other people get an easy mode? It doesnt effect us at all. I hope this gets some new people into ff and into jrpgs so we can get more of them made. Many people do find ff's too hard.

Capt-FuzzyPants2445d ago

Well said. I agree some of those bosses were really tough if you didn't gave the right strategy

BitbyDeath2445d ago

Or they could just offer them a completely different game...

I didn't really think the bosses were the problem before but more so the linearity of the whole thing.
I felt like the whole game was built for people who only knew how to be handfed tasks and were afraid to go out and explore.

Hicken2445d ago


I'm not one of those people who thinks FF should "go back to its roots," as I feel like the JRPG genre wouldn't hurt to evolve a little bit. But I have absolutely had it with catering to casual players in gaming.

Developers need to make a game the way they want to make it- with quality, of course- and then gamers should play it the way it should be played. In the past, games would get more difficult as you advanced further, and having a higher difficulty level for those that have already beaten the game makes some sense. But to have easier difficulty almost invariably causes the game to lose its identity.

maniacmayhem2445d ago

So let me get this straight, you are against an easy mode option? An "option" that you don't ever in life have to choose.

And when did having an extra option make the whole game lose it's identity?

Also they have tougher boss battles for us veterans as the title says. I wonder if casuals are upset about a "normal" mode.

Hicken2445d ago

You got it right. I'm against an easy mode. It's not necessary.

A large part of a game's identity is in its ease or difficulty. Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, for example, would be almost nothing with an easy setting. And yes, that is an extreme example, but it's an example, nonetheless. The Star Ocean games are considerably different on the easier levels, requiring less strategy. In RPGs in general, it takes away from the mechanics of the game by making some of them unnecessary. The same is true in racing games, where you don't even have to brake or accelerate; or in fghters, where one button does entire combos.

Everything these days is easy. As some call it, it's catering to the lowest common denominator. So instead of people learning the game and actually appreciating it, they can breeze through it. Part of the large reason for games being traded in a week after they're bought has to do with this, and the fact that the games don't last so long anymore.

I'm tired of it. Tired of games losing value because people play through it on easy. The trend is growing at an alarming rate, and I honestly believe it's bad for gaming.

... and why in the hell would casuals complain about a "normal" mode? That's the mode you're supposed to play on from the start. It's NORMAL difficulty. Thinking or even suggesting such a thing is daft.

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