Next-gen systems in thermal vision

Polish site Polygamia has an interesting article. The authors had it measured how much heat next-gen systems produce. Although article is in Polish, you can just see the prepared pics of their study and make your own opinions. Fanboys can also fight which system is hotter.

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MaximusPrime_3916d ago

all i can say is that PS3 and Xbox 360 are almost equal. Nice to see a demonstration. Im not surprised how cool is Wii.

In my view, where the hot air come out from xbox 360 and also from Ps3, xbox 360 is hotter. (im not saying it because im a PS3 fan.)

riqued3916d ago

I would like to see the heat when the Xbox goes RROD

PS3PCFTW3916d ago

the ps3 is cooler than the 360. REMEMBER THE PSU IS INSIDE THE PS3.
rrod rates would be at 60-70% if ms chose to have the psu inside their console.

wii=im not surprised. my samsung i760 has better graphics than the wii

Real Gambler3916d ago

They take about the same wattage, power wise. 360 has a little edge because it has an external power supply. But if about 200 watts of power is going in, then equivalent BTU has to come out, for both consoles.

Now, if they take about the same amount of power, they generate about the same amount of heat. And that's were the PS3 is better. When you design this type of hardware, you have to make sure that you can take the heat away from every components quickly (particularly the big heat generators, like CPU, memory, GPU, etc). If you look at the PS3 design, it's a big heatsink, but also heatpump (fan would stop working and naturally, some of the heat would still go out). Most components are cooled by that huge heatsink. That's were the 360 had problems. They used plain old heatsink, and on top of that, had to add one more after they found out other components were cooking up.

Now, I don't read Polish, but looking at those pictures, both consoles are not running that hot! Were those pictures taken in standby, or with a game running full blast???

BrianC62343916d ago

What I got from those photos was the PS3 was much cooler than the 360. Of course both are going to show up pretty warm but the area that is hottest on each shows the 360 almost at the top of heat while the PS3 was the next level down. The 360 processor was very hot. The hottest area on the PS3 looks like where the heat is vented out. Of course that will be hot. The processor area didn't look any hotter.

I'd really like to see that article translated to English. It would be interesting to see what it really says.

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Skerj3916d ago

Wow I didn't know the Wii generated that much heat, the PS3 and 360 don't surprise me.

wiizy3916d ago

why would there be a fight about who's hotter....the numbers speak for itself..wii won

lynx1halo3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

It generates little heat, because it is a last GEN console, id be willing to bet that it generates the exact same heat as the Gamecube

LOL if you look closely at the Xbox360 thermal pic you can see the Xclamp through the case LOL

MaximusPrime_3916d ago

of course it is. But it is nice to see it on thermal image.

ravinash3916d ago

Does any one speak Polish?
The one thing you have to remember is the power pack for the PS3 is inside the console, so they would have to manage the heat better not to cool the inside of the machine.
360 power pack is on the outside and it was still managing to cook the circuits and die.

toszcze3916d ago

I speak Polish. ;)
Of course author writes about intergated PSU in PS3, which is a main cause of PS3 higher temperature.

BTW: this article is very old (april 2007). ;)

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