Dear Steam, your unlock times spoil the fun of waiting for new games

Yes, it has happened again. Steam has once again delayed the release of a highly anticipated game, this one being Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but why?

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JsonHenry2416d ago

Steams biggest failure - release dates. Its been like this since the launch of Half Life 2. Very rarely does any game unlock/become available for download until way after you could have went and picked it up at brick and mortar store.

Canucks232416d ago

Most games that i've preordered on steam have unlocked at 12AM EST the day it's released... I'm pretty sure it's up to the publisher when they want it to unlock.

JsonHenry2416d ago

^^ Go check the forums for the public outcry every game is released and it DOESN'T unlock at midnight in their time zone even though they can walk down to the local walmart and pick it up at midnight on the dot.

I don't complain though, I love Steam. But if you are a "gotta have it at midnight" type of person don't even think about getting it on STEAM unless you live in Hawaii.

allyc4t2416d ago

I don't think Steam chooses when the game is unlocked. The publisher does.

kasasensei2416d ago

Definitely. And the degree of annoyance is relative to where on earth you are waiting for this godamn game to unlock itself.

_LarZen_2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Got Skyrim in the mail today for the PC....I almost wish I had bought a console version instead.

I would have been sitting playing now instead of sitting here writing this.

majiebeast2416d ago

I have my pc copy of Skyrim here and i cant play. Thank you steam and Bethesda for screwing me while pirates are already playing.

Faelan2416d ago

Skyrim hasn't been successfully pirated on the PC yet and most likely won't be until after release because it's using Steamworks as DRM. It has been pirated and out on the Xbox for several days though.

shayol33t2416d ago

But PCs HAS teh most piracy! PC's!

kevnb2416d ago

pirates arent playing on pc yet, and those day 1 cracks are sketchy.

Bladesfist2416d ago

F pirating skyrim. I will virtualy lynch any of my friends if they do that