7.0 | Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3 doesn't reinvent gunpowder, but sticks to the recipe of the previous games in the series. With a decent story and good multiplayer it's a game worth playing, but the lack of willingness to add improvements in gameplay show a laziness often found in a complacent game series.

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nix2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

here we go...

who knows it could be the fairest review amongst all.

"decent story"
"lack of willingness to add improvements in gameplay"
"minimal changes to the graphics engine"
"It need not be a big problem as long as the game is good, but it makes them lag behind, above their competitors."
"a graphics engine that seems to be the same as two years ago"
"the developers do not seem to have labored especially hard to make the game look better"

now imagine if PS3 exclusive game came out with so many faults. i remember one particular reviewer who complained about the "bottle" in MGS4.

Jdub895O2419d ago

Dude but that bottle in mgs4 was HORRIBLE!!!!

Jdub895O2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Oh good lord....

Adolph Fitler2419d ago

How many of these games have we had now, yet none have improved from MW1....& the only one that actually was better due to the maps & weapons was the Treyarch made WAW, yet these games keep scoring off the charts, while similar games that do the same thing over & live by the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it mentality" get crucified for stagnating.

Probably one of the more honest reviews I've seen, as the only written dialogue that needs to be sitting beside the score is, "if you have one or all of the other 5 COD games released this gen, then save yourself the money, or buy Saints Row 3, Skyrim, or another more groundbreaking, original title, & if you don't own any of the other COD's, buy WAW for a quarter of the price of MW3".

jmmurillo862419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

That's a fair score for the game. Shame on reviewers giving more than 8 to this copycat game.