Gametrailers Review: Modern Warfare 3

Does Modern Warfare's third entry live up to the bang we've come to expect of the series? Get ready to enlist for World War III in this exclusive review.

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KingZFlipper2447d ago

Better score than BF3. I know where this is heading...

MintBerryCrunch2447d ago

the MP is trying to be more team objective, i doubt it will work,

with all the things they said, idk how the game got the 9.3 when they said the SP is the shortest yet, no co-op and the similar MP that CoD is known for

Sheikah2447d ago

They even spell out how the game elements are being recycled. Seems like the game walks free on that account :s

Led-Zeppelin2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

~Team objective, hey that's just a bonus, games don't have to be team based to be good.

~SP - COD is for an online play, and even then the SP is the still better then any other military shooter.

~Co-op? Again this game is a MP game

~Similar MP, yup and I couldn't be any happier.

Grow up bro, This game is great, why can't you accept it?

MintBerryCrunch2447d ago

you're shelling out $60 for MP

i don't understand why you are trying to argue against SP, the amount of money spent on this game, you would think that they would make the SP more engaging, you are just making it easier for Activision to not give a damn about SP and just focus on the same MP

DonaldBeck2447d ago

its all subjective really, im a battlefield fan personally but if someone like modern warfare its there right i guess.

Sheikah2447d ago

I kind of predicted that they'd let it slide under the "it's the CoD we know and love". Well, at least they push the point that 'if you come to this game expecting something new, you will be dissapointed'.

JellyJelly2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Now I get what Activision spend their budget on.

There's so many complaints in this review about linearity, on-rails sequences and ridiculous killstreaks, yet GT end up whipping out a 9.3/10 score for it. Kotick must have deep pockets.

@iistuii - Unlike Activision, Naughty Dog up their game and raise the bar with every outing of Uncharted. Activision gets a free pass instead of being nitpicked like other less commercially succesful titles imo.

MintBerryCrunch2447d ago

i wonder how much it cost them to get jonah hill, sam worthington and dwight howard to make the next iteration of "there is a soldier in all of us"

iistuii2447d ago

Did naughty dog also pay them of along with IGN ? C'mon, if you've actually got it and don't like it then fine, but I'm going along in the campaign and it's great stuff honestly. Ott mass mayhem fun.

iistuii2447d ago

Look I'm not havin a go, but you havent even got the game, i know as you stated in an earlier post, and you accusing reviewers of bias. When or if you play the game then moan as much as you like, personally I'm enjoying it and it's a blast, and I can honestly see why its getting the great reviews.

SKUD2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

9.3? Did Activisions check bounce or something?. Was thinking GT especially would give it a 10. Interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.