Home Beta build 0.7.7 Out Now

The newest build of online communication hub Home has been released.

According to members of PSU forum, several new options are now available in build 0.7.7:

-There's a new building in the world, although it's currently not able to be entered
-You are finally able to enter your Home Space's patio
-You can now use your own pictures in your Home Space
-A game launching option has been added, though it is not functioning completely at the present time
-The cinema's movie theatres have transferred from the second floor to the first floor
-America, Japan, and Europe each have their own server now

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C_SoL3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

so everybody that owns a PS3 will be able to get in HOME Beta when it comes out?

EDIT:Thanks guys

Wow, i got a disagree for asking a ?, amazing.

Bleyd3916d ago

the way I understand it is that it's in closed Beta now and will be in open Beta probably a month or two before it officially releases. There'll be a lot of noise on gaming sites about it when they go into the open Beta phase.

Violater3916d ago

Sounds like its still a good ways off before we all get it.
Think about the mass b!tching that would take place if it is released in its current state?
Needless to say I don't think it should be released until it is ready, until we have in-game support.
Otherwise the unjust criticism will just ruin the whole thing.

Kleptic3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

the only official comments that I have heard on this matter was at TGS...when it was confirmed to be delayed, but that there would also be a "functioning public beta with many features implemented before the end of the year"...

not sure what that meant...there already was a closed beta (open to general public, but on an invite status only...and invites have long since gone out)...I hoped that meant there would be a fully open public beta in which it just shows up in the store before the end of the forms...

good to hear the game launching system is coming along...Home will completely fail if you can't make parties and then launch games...if it does work properly, it will be undeniably one of the coolest online systems ever...

and is a good ways off...Spring 08 is plenty of time to get stuff worked out, considering how long its already been in development (some sources say that the PSN was never supposed to exist without it)...the beta as of now has barely a fraction of what will be in the finished version, which will also be constantly updated with content...

most of us are just hoping the full public beta launches soon...they said that should be this year hopefully soon we all have access to trying some of it out...

MikeGdaGod3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

i'm going to start downloading this now.

i'll tell you guys how it is later.

UPDATE: something i don't think they mentioned, you can now access your friends list and send/read messages to/from people even if they're not in HOME.

UPDATE: more clothing options, more character customization, more backgrounds for personal HomeSpace.

UPDATE: bad news..........trying to upload your personal pics freezes the system. but i guess thats why they call it beta :(

masterg3916d ago

Isn't the public beta supposed to start here in December?
Or has that been moved back.

Achievement Unlocked3916d ago

which button fondles the other guys avatar?

lessthanmarcus3915d ago

It's not a beta if it's closed. I believe it's called alpha testing

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kingofps33916d ago

I wish, I was in the beta :(

Fingers crossed 29th Nov/4th Dec Open beta

HarryEtTubMan3916d ago

Is this the open beta for everyone? Can I get it on PSN?

LosT---SouL3916d ago

*points and laughs*


Kain813916d ago

i cant wait anymore, i will create my Avatar and so on...

Gordii3916d ago

Smells like a 29th Release is coming.