Five Common Forms of Headset Abuse

G&P Writes:

Headset abuse is no laughing matter. It would be impossible for me to count how many times I've attempted to play with friends online only to have the session spoiled by someone who disregards the sanity of his fellow participants. I'm not the only person who's suffered - no; this ludicrous offense takes place every day, ruining games for players everywhere. I've seen many forms of microphone cruelty, and my goal in writing this is not to complain, but to educate.

(If you can identify with any of the following voice-chat desperados, you may need intervention.)

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mighty_douche3956d ago

i think this is for about 90% of you guys.....

C_SoL3956d ago

unless they get the wireless headset for a $ my book thats a lot of $....

socomnick3956d ago

wireless is like 60 when it launched im sure its alot lower now.

Leathersoup3956d ago

Everywhere I look the wireless headset is still 70 bucks.

NewC3955d ago

Yeah, it's unfortunate that there are so many of these people online.

Mycococo3955d ago

that is deffinatly me. and i hate all these articles about people not liking something that will never go away. COUNTLESS ARTICLES HAVE ALREADY COMPLAINED ABOUT ALL OF WHAT HE MENTIONED and i still dont give a F U K! video games are where i let my aggression out so i wont stop yelling if i am dying or winning!

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The Maverick3956d ago

Im niether of these i am the one that gets all of his friends into a game and then chat aabout anything and if any random person tells us to be quiet we all start on him which is hillarious lol, or if its GOW and we keep kicking him and he keeps joining i know its cruel and unsporting but we team kill and r**e him

The Maverick3956d ago

Yeah but if your trying to have a good game withn your mates, and some idiot comes tells you all to STFU starts trying to team kill, calls us all british B*****ds and says he F**Ks our queen what do you think im going to do invite him to tea lol

NewC3955d ago

Probably not the recommended course of action.

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skillshot3956d ago

The worst is nubblets to leave their mic on all game, so I have to listen to their breathing, shouting to somebody downstairs, phones ringing. AGH! And when I hear every gunshot/radio command played back after 1s! GRRR

NewC3955d ago

I can understand if someone has there TV too loud -- we all love surround sound. But if you're playing online with other people common sense should be applied, and you should turn the volume down.

nirwanda3955d ago

that have there tv to loud so everyone get's echo'y feedback I had onc guy once that was so pi$$ed he made barney(simpsons) sound stone cold sober and a guy who thought it was funny to mic up his baby funny at first with all the random baby noises until it started crying

NewC3955d ago

Ahh, the echo. Another awful case.

NewC3955d ago

Without a doubt, I've met them all.

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