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"A year pass and Call of Duty returns to break the mold. Innovation? No, Revolution? Nor, Does it matter these last questions? Even less. Call of Duty is the essence of frenzied and spectacular action that pushes the player with such speed that chair and body form a perfect symbiosis. Everything is so carefully on that experience, letting you take the hand in an extremely shocking scenes carousel. But the campaign, which exceeds eight hours on normal difficulty, it is only the appetizer that will remain the most played multiplayer on consoles, thanks to new developments and ways that you will be hooked for months.

The cooperative survival mode only endorse the commitment to a product with great longevity. Most critics may say that Call of Duty last a sigh. Go ahead and begin to sigh... surely end up drowning out of breath before you even begin to glimpse a portion of an experience of this caliber and potential. They set the bar high with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and although history does not exceeds, by far Captain Price who eats the screen, re-embroidering a product with production values ​​and virtues available to very few".

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andrew1719942392d ago

dont get ur hopes up in 2 weeks the games gonna be ruined by noobs..

blumatt2392d ago

I don't know why CoD always get a pass on not innovating or changing from its predecessors. Any other game would be criticized for such a lack of improvement.