Ninja Theory seeking “top end DMC players” to test DmC: Devil May Cry

Development studio, Ninja Theory, is currently seeking “top end DMC players” to test out their upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action title, DmC: Devil May Cry.

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Sargerus2264d ago

They should invite Kalil to test it.

xer02264d ago

I think they'll need more than hardcore DMC testers... maybe a prayer ;-)

JohnnyMann4202264d ago

Top end DMC players would tell Ninja Theory to go F**** themselves.

fei-hung2264d ago

This is a nice con to get people behind the new DMC. Especially now that Capcom has taken a step back from NT's DMC by declaring there will be 2 DMC timelines / franchises; the old and the new.

Capcom is clever by makingthis statement, this way NT will feel the brunt of the shafting whilst Capcom silently creeps out of the back door unnoticed.

Playtest or no playtest, bottom line is NT have turned more gamers against them than having turned people to root for them. Not long to go now until we see how this will all end.

TheMutator2264d ago Show