Three reasons why Metal Gear Solid: Rising could disappoint MGS fans

The Metal Gear solid series has enchanted its fans with its action packed game series. Snake playing the protagonist in the 4 previous games that released in the last decade have been one of the legendary characters of the gaming world with his stealth action gameplay, Hideo Kojima’s intriguing cutscenes and story line have glued millions to their seats for hours. The latest Metal Gear Solid: Rising well sets out to change all that we loved about MGS series including Snake.

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GunofthePatriots2446d ago

It's bound to disappoint some fans because it has MGS in the title and won't play like a traditional MGS game.
Just be open to the fact that it's going to be different.

RocknRola2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

being different might cost them thats iam trying to say

RocknRola2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

i adored the custscenes and the engaging storyline and those were one of the prime reasons why i played MGS and they are taking that away from us to replace with what looks as of now like an arcade game.

Jappy-k72445d ago

3 reasons why THIS piece fails:

1. this is a prequel starring Raiden, telling you what happened before the events of mgs4 and how how Raiden became a ninja

2. MGS Rising 'still a stealth game'

this is a Japanese game soo, cutscenes, story, characters and music will be a major focus.
finally, the game is made by Kojima Productions they never fail to produce works of art!

ThePundit2446d ago

I always thought the stealth gameplay of mgs was lame.

ThePundit2445d ago

Thanks for commenting, else I wouldn't have been notified of this comment. Somebuddy played a prank.

DonaldBeck2445d ago

ive been playing metal gear solid for well over 15 years now and i cant count this as a genuine metal gear game, i just cant. any metal gear fan i obviously going to check this out because there fans, but theres no doubting this looks way too arcade.

MysticStrummer2445d ago

"any metal gear fan i obviously going to check this out because there fans"

I know several Metal Gear fans that have no interest at all.

RocknRola2445d ago

i totaly get what you are say the rising is not mgs fans are accustomed to though they are promising some arcade action that has been out there for quite some time now

ZBlacktt2445d ago

I'll rent it I guess, lol. I've spoken about this game everytime news comes out. So no need to say anymore.

49erguy2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Geoff Keighley is really good for hyping up 30 second segments (I bet it will be another teaser).

On topic though, I say this game is innocent until proven guilty. Same with ME3 co op. Just wait and see before you throw hate at it.

ThePundit2445d ago

That's a nice way to go at it. Perhaps they've got something to surprise us. Hope.

Xenial2445d ago

MGSR isn't going to affect the story, it's only a prequel - giving a story on how Raiden's new powers came to be. Let Kojima try something different, without complaining that snake isn't in it.

execution172445d ago

I'm going to get it, not to sure if day one or not but I always wanted to play as Raiden in his ninja suit :D

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The story is too old to be commented.