Two Big Mistakes Bethesda Must Avoid After Releasing Skyrim

Update: Here’s an analysis talking about the top two mistakes Bethesda did in the past and must be avoided today to ensure Skyrim will be the game majority will adore.

So do you think Bethesda will be able to live up with the expectation of gamers? Show your comments below

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--Onilink--2445d ago

Complaining about bethesda's dlc is stupid, horse armor was a simple mistake due to being one of the 1st dlc on consoles. Knights of the nine and shivering isles are some of the best examples of what dlc should be

Fylus2444d ago

Completely agree, though it is still a better move to make it all one package when buying the game.

Coffin872444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Was Shivering Isles really DLC? Wasn't it an add-on that you could buy on Disc?

SITH2444d ago

@coffin I downloaded shivering isles on Xbox live. It was definitely DLC and then later it was available on disc.

kma2k2445d ago

I know there is going to be bugs & i simply dont care!

SITH2444d ago

I feel the same way. Games as big as morrowind, oblivion, fallout 3, and skyrim are bound to have bugs. It is almost inevitable.

BitbyDeath2444d ago

As long as they have fixed it so items and creatures do not level up with you then i'm all for it.

If they have not then i will be a sad panda.