GameArena reviews Modern Warfare 3

Aussie site GameArena has reviewed Modern Warfare 3,

"Overall, MW3 exhibits remarkable maturity, and it will deliver it to an audience renowned for its immaturity. There's a chance it might even be a good thing for video games culture. Whether it is or not doesn't matter though - it's a great ride and a fantastic ending to the series."

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Avernus2443d ago

9.5...I'm sorry but lol. I started reading the review but couldn't finish. Was laughing too much to take it serious.

I honestly don't know how some games get criticized for being too similar to the prior game in the series, while others get almost perfect scores for doing so. Funny how that goes.

Tachyon_Nova2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

What game in particular have that criticism? I'm sure there are some games that suffer from unfair criticsm, just wondering which ones you are reminded of?

hiredhelp2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Well look at bf3 some trying to say the sp was like cod, not just that game. Thats what he was saying i think and hes right.
A game like This that doesnt go that extra mile for the fans, and is pritty much the same Every year does not deserve a high score PERIOD.

Tachyon_Nova2443d ago

@hiredhelp - The reason people bashed BF3's campaign is that it wasn't a BATTLEFIELD game. The Bad Company campaigns were good because they were somewhat open games where you didnt just fight waves of respawning enemies like you do in BF3 and just about every other modern shooter. BF3's campaign is in every way a step backwards from BFBC2, that's what people hate it.

Tottigamer2443d ago

Yeah, GameArena noted that exact fact in their BF3 review.

As to people who look at scores and judge reviews off just the number attached to it... lol. Just lol.

GunofthePatriots2443d ago

Slap CoD on the title and reviewers panties will get all wet.

JellyJelly2443d ago

CoD on the title, and a little something under the table.

Laxman2443d ago

Slap CoD in the title and hipsters hands get ready to keyboard warrior thier way to success.

majiebeast2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Why would you up your game when 20+ million lemmings and game journalist are happy to pay 60$ for a expansion pack and give thate xpansion pack a 9+.

Laxman2443d ago

You can say what you want about the this game. I was one of the nay sayers myself until this morning. I havent enjoyed a CoD game since the first Modern Warfare, and have openly stated my hate of thier copy & paste forumla these last few years. But MW3 is a massive step in the right direction. They have stopped trying to add stupid new S**t and unenjoyable and rediculous amounts of customisation to the MP like the last 3 games, and have instead seemed to go back to what made MW1 so damn fun. This has reminded me why I used to love this series, and it deserves its high scores.