Uncharted 3 Does Female Characters and Story Right

My major issues with Uncharted 3 occurred late in the game. So if you want to avoid spoilers (and you should) it may be wise to go play the game and come back. I can safely say I loved the game and recommend it, I just can’t quite review it without either being absurdly evasive or spoiling it. Sorry.

Can video game developers (coughcough Rocksteady coughcough) stop and take note of what Naughty Dog has been doing with the Uncharted series.? Because Rock Steady might just have the best women characters in video games at the moment. While they’re not leads and they don’t run the show, they’re smart, nuanced characters who aren’t hypersexualized. They wear real people clothes (and both Elena and Chloe have actually gotten more conservative with their style over the series) and talk like real people. They don’t operate using only their vaginas. They like shooting bad guys and hunting for treasure and helping out friends. Also the actresses playing them have both headlined popular SyFy shows.

The Uncharted series puts story and characters first and it shows. These are games I power through not because I want achievements or the satisfaction of completing them but because I want to see what happens next. A few years ago at a keynote Steven Spielberg said that games would only be succ...

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inveni02293d ago

"Because Rock Steady might just have the best women characters in video games at the moment."

I think the author meant Naughty Dog.

Apocwhen2293d ago

Catwoman and Talia weren't half bad either :)

inveni02293d ago

Yes, but the author continues to name the women as Elena and Chloe, and mentions that they dress modestly.

kma2k2293d ago

while i like the article, i do have to say Chloe ass was oversexulased in uncharted 2 there is no denying that!

JBaby3432293d ago

It was and they certainly drew attention to it but still to a lesser extent than most games. Personally I would have liked it a little bigger but then I like curvy women.

banner2293d ago Show
BuffMordecai2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Chloe looked freaky in Uncharted 2, looks a lot better in 3.

ironfist922293d ago

She looked like an anime character with those eyes in U2. You can tell they heavily reworked her face to look more human in Uncharted 3.

Oldman1002292d ago

And they did the total opposite with Elena.

miyamoto2293d ago

Agreed! ND did a fine job with Chloe this time around. <3 Chloe Frazer!