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"There are days when I dislike being the guy who's always asking for portable games. Enough times I get something I didn't expect I'd enjoy, like Henry Hatsworth or Dream Trigger 3D, but just as often I'm the "lucky" one who gets games, like Invizimals and Dragon Ball Evolution. (To be honest, I requested DE because I was curious about how it compared to the movie. SPOILER: Also not good.)

So this time, I'm at least grateful it's not quite as disappointing as my previous sadnesses. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate NInja Impact is a story with people surviving, characters dying, and drastic measures being taken to keep the world in order and peaceful… though if you're actually interested in the story, you already know what happens. These games tend to be like that." - Kevin Schaller

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D3stinySm4sher2358d ago

I've played (and reviewed) a couple Naruto games myself. My main issues with them is that they tend to be a little simplistic and one-button-mashing for my taste. The potential for deep fighting that feels different than most other fighters is there, I've just never seen it capitalized on.

RedDead2357d ago

Yeah same, maybe Generations will have it though with Cancelling,a sub bar and all.

stormeagle62358d ago

No thanks, I never cared for Dynasty Warriors when it went by that name, and a coat of anime paint's not gonna help.

insertcoin2358d ago

Great, another Naruto game. Yawn.

Oaklnd2357d ago

Ruto, like zooto, dash dash, no filling?