IGN - Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Unboxing

IGN - Watch as we unwrap the new console bundle, which sports a custom paint job, Call of Duty sound effects and a free copy of the game.

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MultiConsoleGamer2328d ago

Wow, it seems like they're doing an LE bundle for every major game on the market.

gamingdroid2327d ago

I hope they do one for Mass Effect 3! I would be all over that.

That said, I prefer the Gears of Ware LE console more.

MintBerryCrunch2327d ago

the only time i have seen 320 gig 360s is if it is a limited edition console, i dont get why MS doesn't do it for standard consoles, if they do i havent seen them

plus who needs to put their b-day in in order to see an unboxing, seriously IGN

brettyd2327d ago

how is 320 gigs over kill? thats nothing.