Online gaming doomed?

With a recent report predicting net gridlock by 2010, US analytical firm Nemertes Research believes that only an investment of hundreds of billions of dollars can save the web from being brought to a near standstill. Could this mean the end of the line for online gaming?

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ravinash3834d ago

look at the UK network, it wasn't that great to begin with.
Our speeds only average aroung 2Mbs when the service provider says things like up to 8Mb....and thats if your lucky.
We can still play on line games fine, but there are times whe the speed gets so low this you have to give up.
let just hope they fix it before it really does become an issue.

Gordii3834d ago

I am sure Al Gore will fix the internet just like he created it >.>

Spinitus3834d ago

well Al Gore being the one who killed ManBearPig, he can pretty much do anything. lol

Captain Tuttle3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

that free online gaming days are numbered.

Maddens Raiders3834d ago

Tuttle, and you want to see PS3 owners suffer the same thing Microshaft owners have been for years. If there's no way around it and subsidies must be made in order to improve the infrastructure so be it, but I doubt this is what you had in mind since you don't play PS3! =]

Captain Tuttle3834d ago

You've got me figured all out.

Some of us don't let everything that we type be influenced by what console we own.

smoothdude3834d ago

Sounds like the next Y2K bug. I'll believe it when I see it.