Study: Majority of Gamers Buy Used

Recent study by Newzoo finds that 85 percent of people who buy video games get them secondhand.

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MultiConsoleGamer2297d ago

I hardly ever buy used games. The stuff you see at GameStop is usually in poor condition, and the prices are ridiculous.

SKUD2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I buy my used games from Gamefly. They give you everything that comes with the case (even the 48 hour XBL trial codes). Practically brand new, very cost effective prices. In this economy I have to be smart with my money. Buying games new just isnt smart shopping at the moment.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2296d ago

Practically brand new? I would think they were more scratched up.

jc485732297d ago

the good thing about used games is the 7 day policy deal at gamestop. 50% of the time I would return the game back to gamestop if I didn't like it or sell them off at ebay for profit.

JoelT2297d ago

Sounds about right. Gamestop made 8 billion dollars in used games alone last fiscal year. That number is straight up silly.

Alpha_Gamer2297d ago

I buy tons of used games, but usually not from stores. I like to hit up yard sales and flea markets for some crazy finds, but those are mostly older games.

As for current gen games, I get almost all of them new. You can find sales on brand new games for much less than a Gamestop standard used price. I won`t even consider buying a used new release from Gamestop anymore, I simply can`t find the value.

Black Friday is going to be awesome.

Nerdmaster2296d ago

Wow, that's a lot. People don't give a cent to game companies and they get mad when those companies have to try new ideas to make buying used games less attractive.

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