Star Trek Online to Become "More Casual", Developer Perpetual Acquired by New Ownership

Shacknews has received a considerable amount of new information regarding today's Perpetual news from a source close to the company, who requested to remain anonymous. Some information was gleaned from a letter detailing various changes to the company and Star Trek Online, which was recently distributed to all Perpetual employees.

Perpetual has been acquired by new ownership, reportedly a media company looking to use Star Trek Online to make its first major inroads into the video game market. Along with the acquisition comes a partial retargeting of Star Trek Online to what Shacknews' source describes as a "more casual" experience, one which may potentially eschew subscription fees in favor of the practice of charging real money for optional in-game items, a practice popularized by various Korean MMOs.

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hotrider123888d ago

boldly go where no video game gone before. to infinity and beyond!!!!

hotrider123888d ago

Im a dr. not a video game player. I hate that transporter thing boging up my atoms. jim, I might come back in the shape of a pepsi bottle.