Would You Wait 8+ hours to Get MW3 at Midnight?

MW3 is nearly here and people can't wait to get their hands on it. Some are so eager that they started lining up at stores as early as 4 pm PST today for the midnight launch. That's an 8 hour wait. When I was told by someone at my local Gamestop that people were lining up 8 hours early to get this game, I had to see for myself. When I arrived just before 6 pm PST, there were over 100 people already lined up. Would you wait 8 hours just to get your hands on a game at midnight?

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DonaldBeck2301d ago

i would not wait 8 min, actually i wouldn't wait at all.

fluffydelusions2300d ago

I waited about 45 minutes to get a number and then went back at 12am to pick up the game which took about 2 minutes.

SOD_Delta2301d ago

I never understood people who wait for hours just to be first for any product. especially people who wait in line days ahead of a products launch.

princejb1342300d ago

exactly i never understood that, i got it 16 hours after launch, and sad thing is there was still a huge line

calibann2300d ago

With a game like Skyrim, I like to think it's coming out Thursday, when in reality it comes out on Friday. But because i'm getting it Thursday night, it feels like I'm getting it tomorrow :)

Nitrowolf22300d ago

Yeah and consierding it's for those who pre-ordered. I don't get it, if it was one of those first come first serve thing it would make sense. I guess people just want to play early, even if it's 10 hours early

GrumpyVeteran2300d ago

nup, I try to be in bed by midnight so I'm semi functional in the morning

Starbucks_Fan2300d ago

I'd rather watch NASCAR for 8+ hours

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The story is too old to be commented.