Design director leaves Silent Hill

GamePron: Silent Hill: Downpour is currently without a design director, as Brian Gomez has handed in a letter of resignation. While most people have to travel at least a little way between work and home, Gomez cites his lengthy commute – “22 hours each way, and about $1,200 per ticket” – as being a contributing factor of his change in employment.

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Stuart57562299d ago

It's not a daily commute is it? Get some work done!

rezzah2298d ago

To live at work can be rather depressing, what if he has a family or is the type to like to have some peace from work?

To be in his position I't is likely that he has a passion for his job, but the costs and long hours of travel can be draining.

LastDance2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Oh his job couldn't have been that hard? All he had to do was watch 90's hollywood movies and capture the cliche moments.

"fresh meat" says an old man on the porch when the protag comes to town....

Shutters flicker in house, Tv turns on of its own volition.

Cool story bro.

NarooN2298d ago

I dunno what game that is, but yeah, it's not Downpour.

LastDance2298d ago

you obviously havent seen the trailers then.

NarooN2297d ago

Yet another one of those "zomg sirent hirru iz dead, plz cum bak teem sirent :,(" types, huh?

Dunno why you guys even bother trying to talk shit about the newer games. That SH1-3 era is long gone and dead. Either accept the changes or play something else.

LastDance2297d ago

Oh it;s just frustrating to see american devs completely miss the point.

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Enigma_20992298d ago

I'm sorry, but when it costs you THAT much to get to and from work, and you miss your family, then yeah. I can sympathize.

banjadude2298d ago

I hope this isn't a troubling sign of things to come...

Mr Tretton2298d ago

It's been troubling from the beginning.

MeatAbstract2298d ago

His words upon leaving:

"The hours and money is takes for me to get here are scarier than the game!"

KidMakeshift2298d ago

In reality he left because he doesn't want to be the captain who sinks with the ship

Downpour is going downhill. The game looks like it might actually be worse than Silent Hill 4 and Homecoming

NarooN2298d ago

Even though there's tons of people who loved both those games. Don't try to treat your shit opinion as fact.

ironfist922298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Not sure if this is good or bad