Call of Duty, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Activision's Call of Duty franchise occupies a fascinating place in the gaming landscape. It is the world's biggest-selling annual series, yet each year offers only incremental improvements. It is beloved by millions, yet derided by many as well. Its production values bring out the best in video games, while its online multiplayer community often brings out the worst.

It is an enigma. And in the eight years since the first game in the series was released, in many ways it's come a long way. And in other ways, it hasn't gone very far at all.

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MajorJackHoff2388d ago

lol. Shut up already, Kotaku. We all know you love CoD.

I loved CoD too, when I played the first Modern Warfare. Now I'm just tired of this franchise. But it will forever be a blockbuster as long as people enjoy settling for mediocrity.

ViciousHamster2388d ago

I jumped on the bandwagon after hearing about how great cod4 is and my first game was waw.
I thought it was OK and I rented 4.
Then mw2 comes and I was like wtf is the difference.
I sold it the following week and that was the my experience with cod.

cpayne932388d ago

The first one I bought was mw2. Then I ended up trading it in and getting cod4 for 15 bucks used. I didn't want Black Ops but somebody gave it to me as a present. I still play cod4 sometimes, but it doesn't seem worth the money to pay for such a similar game.

princejb1342388d ago

so why you commenting on this post if you don't like it, modern warfare 3 is amazing so far, just as good as bf3
if you don't like a game why bother putting your opinion on the post

TheFreak2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Because it's cool to be hating on COD on n4g? The same comments on every article. COD 4 was the best, mw3 is just mw2,5 etc.

TheGameFoxJTV2388d ago

Because we can comment on whatever the fuck we want to. Problem?

ATi_Elite2388d ago

Call of Duty 1, 2, and Modern Warfare will always be may favorites in the series. Classic titles.

COD has went from a great immersive SP campaign and Benchmark MP to a Hollywood SP full of set pieces and a casual MP.

still an all time great series in the history of video games.

rezzah2388d ago

I've had the same thoughts the entire time. 1,2, and 4 are the best, anything can't even come close.

MW3 is actually 2.5, just look at the gameplay and the environtment. nothing has changed except for gun sounds with a heavier punch and some texture changes.

They even have the same plant in a pot from MW2; I don't even know if it was in any other CODs too, it probably is.

farhad2k82388d ago

Every single MW3 article i go on N4G, it's FULL of hate. I'm talking Justin Bieber hate, I'm talking Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift hate. I'm talking Cher Lloyd hate.

It's disgusting. We are gamers, this website is called 'News 4 Gamers'. So why can't we just unite, and appreciate 'gaming' taking over the entertainment industry.
So people around the world can take us gamers seriously?

Sigh, right now, the 'Mad World' song fits my mood.
'Maaaad worlddddd...'

ATi_Elite2388d ago

Who the hell is Cher Lloyd?

The Kanye west thing was funny cause Kanye was super Drunk and the people in the audience were telling him to go do it.

I still Do Not know what Justin Bieber does. He's like a Leprechaun that just pops outta no where unexpectedly.

mike_d_2388d ago

CoD4 was the best one to date and will probably remain the best one.It's balancing was perfect and you didn't have all these stupid perks like you have now.

farhad2k82388d ago

Juggernaught, Martydom, Noobtubes were normally powerful, and if you added close danger, they were even more powerful!!

CoD4 was only good, because it was the first next generation massively multiplayer game. That's the only reason. If CoD4 were to release now, everyone would hate on it like usual.

It's the new 'thing' now, to hate on CoD. It's disgusting. People really need to get them selves a life.

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GrumpyVeteran2388d ago

It hasn't really gone far since 07.

Just sayin'

Hicken2388d ago

It's come a long way, yet somehow it seems to be in the exact same place it was five years ago. Go figure.

Hazmat132388d ago

get that that gangsta shit! come on you gotta get that gangsta shit! oh this wasnt making a refence to fatboy slim?

MasterD9192388d ago

If you own any of the other games its a stalemate.

New engine or no new game....that should be the motto for COD.

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