For the Love of the Games: Three Reasons You Should Play Alpha Protocol

Digital Hippos writes:

Alpha Protocol, the espionage RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment - that’s the game I’ll be convincing you to play -- to enjoy, even -- in this week’s For the Love of the Games, the monthly column in which I give you X number of reasons why you should play an under-appreciated, overlooked, or outright bad game, simply for the sake of game appreciation.

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TheHip142269d ago

I bought it over a year ago, for ten dollars. Still haven't had a chance to play through it though, with lots of other games on my plate. I'm hoping to get to it but will probably lend it to a friend first.

aliengmr2268d ago

AP had lots of potential. The foundation was solid but the structure built on it was ugly, so to speak. That being the case, I would not call it a bad game. Unfinished and glitchy, sure, but not bad. If any game deserves a sequel, its this one. The potential is there, it just needs a better developer at the helm.

ShadowPraxis2268d ago

Alien pretty much sums up my thoughts on AP. It had a lot of potential but it just didn't quite live up to it and the glitches were troublesome.

MasterD9192268d ago

Don't think they finished completing the game before they released it...

LouisGarcia2268d ago

It does need a more 'complete' sequel to iron out glitches, etc.

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