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What makes Uncharted 3 a perfect 10, is its integration of story telling with gameplay and solid production values. Not many games can elicit emotion from its players. And none can do it as extreme or as often as Uncharted 3. If gaming is to be taken seriously as an entertainment medium and a haven for true artistry, more games like this must be released. I do wish gun-play were a bigger focus, but I can always go back to Uncharted 2 to get my fix.

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DonaldBeck2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

bs, its a 100000000000000000000000000000 000000/10 and goty. :)

kma2k2387d ago

very very few games deserve 10/10 imo & uncharted 3 is one of those games easy goty in my eyes!

nix2387d ago

i got this game last night. as the game started... i wished it was a movie. it starts off so well... i didn't want to play at all... i just wanted the story to run by itself.

supremacy2387d ago

Its a perfect 10-athon up in here.