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Touted as one of this console-generation's most difficult game, 2009's Demon's Souls tore and discouraged PS3 gamers so voraciously that it quickly earned a cult-classic status, along with critical acclaim. Now, 2 years later and countless more deaths in the land of Boletaria, developer From Software moves forward from the established formula to create an even more rigorous trek through another dark-fantasy setting for Demon's Souls' spiritual successor, Dark Souls. Most of what made its predecessor remains the same, but various things are added and changed that makes this journey increasingly more difficult and different. So what's new in this ever more maniacal package and does it step up to its pedigree?

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DonaldBeck2265d ago

as much as i love dark souls, the framerates suck! anyways, it dosent take away from the experience for me, its my top 3 games this year, those being dark souls, uncharted 3, and deuse ex human revolution.

grahf2265d ago

You love the game and make an honest critique of the framerate and you get 4 Disagrees... amazing.
Blighttown gets really bad at some points, and yeah the FPS drops really low at other points as well. That said, it happens to be one of the best games I've played in a VERY long time.

DonaldBeck2265d ago

yeah the frames drop alot there, im not sure how far you have gotten so i wont spoil it for ya with other bad framerate areas i have been in. amazing game though. flamesofhell44

Nevers2265d ago

I haven't noticed any framerate issues since I installed it on my HDD. I haven't been back to Blightown since I did the install but just sayin'. I'll have to go back soon though cuz I have some purple moss to give someone soon.

jerethdagryphon2265d ago

i got my platinium, its hard but not that hard 4 kings excepting, new game+ and beyond 4kings get stupidly tough

DonaldBeck2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

the african lion is a fierce predator.

kramun2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

I still can't beat Ornstein and Smough lol, I managed to kill Smough and got Ornstein down to a quarter of his health and then made one too many stabs with my spear and he killed me(again). And that was with another player, I don't seem to have a chance on my own. They're bastards.

I'm going to have to get some humanity and try again that way.

garos822265d ago

i hated ornstein and smough was the only boss i summoned assistance for! dark souls is so far my goty by far. just picked up uncharted 3 and will be playing it later so will be interesting to see if it tops dark souls for me, but just like in 2009 where demons souls was my favorite game of the year i have a feeling the same will occur this year. trully worthy of its awesome reviews

InfinityG35JT2265d ago

Tag team them with someone online and knight solaire it will be so much easier. His sign is on one of the staircases going to the fight. Humanity is acquired easiest in blighttown killing rats and farming them.

Tanir2265d ago

game is amazing, im just upset i finished the game :( had a blast with the pvp for the past 2 days tho.

wish i didnt summon phantoms for the final boss, it made it too easy :/ i torn between doin NG+ later or starting a brand new character, NG+ gives u everything plus the soul of the final boss to use to forge........but i want a new character! Gahhhh!!!!!! :/

Nevers2265d ago

Infinity G35JT "Humanity is acquired easiest in blighttown killing rats and farming them."

I think you mean the Depths right near the bonfire... I can't remember any rats in Blightown.

And yeah... I had a tough time with Smough/Ornstein. I finally beat them with Knight Solaire and another player helping me. I went solo against Ornstein while they went after Smough. I killed mine first and now have Smough Armor.

Tex1172265d ago


If you upgrade your pyro glove and nuke orestien, you can make that fight manageable fast.

I think with my +15 glove I was able to take Orstein out in 3 direct hits with Chaos Fireball.

Do it quick before the 1.04 patch nerfs pyro a bit.

jerethdagryphon2264d ago

they dont clip through each other use one to block the otherer ranged attacks spells crystal ring shield work very well against them also there blocked by pillars so use them to your advantage,

eagle shield will bloock everything but ornstiens lift and zap which can be rolled away form

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InfinityG35JT2265d ago

ag team them with someone online and knight solaire it will be so much easier. His sign is on one of the staircases going to the fight. Humanity is acquired easiest in The Depths killing rats and farming them. Be careful not to get cursed down there!