Surfer Girl: 2K Boston's next game, Max Payne 3, Eidos Montreal

Surfer Girl's rumors for 26th of November. Take these with a grain of salt.

"1) What is 2K Boston's next game?
That secret Project X that has been in development since last year or so, should be announced next year and is coming out in 2009. It's a tactical RPG. You can guess the genre of the game coming after that in the year we made contact.

2) That Max Payne 3 that some Canadian Rockstar studio is working on may be pushed back to 2009, might take crown of the new Duke Nukem Forever (since DNF is coming out next fall) as development was supposedly started from scratch when said developer took mantle of Max Payne 3 last year"

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kingofps33914d ago

I think Surfer girl is all BS.

predator3914d ago

so remedy dont have the max payne franchise no more? that sucks.

kingofps33914d ago

I was wondering about the same thing. I thought Remedy owns the IP, which now seems they dont. It now either belongs to 3dRealms or Rockstar.

predator3914d ago

yeah also im sure in an interview with the head of remedy, it was posted on n4g but seem to find it they said after alan wake they might start work on the next max payne, surfer girl got it wrong or remedy sold its franchise?

greenenvy3914d ago

that means that not only is 2k boston's game right on schedule, but 360 has a "keep quiet" killer-app from the monster 2k studios......

a tactical RPG that blows everything out of the water? sign me up!!!

oh and whats this other news.....max payne 3......going exclusive?
hmmm hehehehehe

Vojkan3914d ago

Hey "Surfer girl" do you wanna give me blow job? You don't have to swallow

Coffin873914d ago

max payne 3 would kinda rock. hope they do it good.

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