Xbox 360 Will Decline in November And December Without Price Cut, says Analyst

Xbox 360 has been doing phenomenally well in North America in 2011, but some would argue that Microsoft's platform is in need of another price drop at this point. Ever since the $50 price drop on PS3 this past summer, people have been wondering if Microsoft would follow suit in time for the holiday shopping season.

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GraveLord2386d ago

Doubt it. Sales have been increasing each week as holidays are starting.

xPhearR3dx2386d ago

That and their holiday bundle is fantastic, getting one myself and upgrading from my old style.

For $299 you get:

250GB Slim
$60 Gift Card (Gamestop only)
Halo Reach
Fable 3
3 Months of XBL

For the four extras you get (assuming you go with Gamestop), you're basically paying around $100 for a 250GB Slim.

Skip_Bayless2386d ago

"Without a price cut for the Xbox 360, overall hardware sales should trend down in November and December,"

Seems like he means comparing it to last year. Hardware sales go up obviously if you compare it to spring or summer of this year.

vsr2386d ago

Worldwide It's in now 3rd place...
US we will see (It's on saturation level)

Chuk52386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

A kinect bundle price cut is plausible.

donniebaseball2386d ago

If you're a big shooters gamer and don't have a 360 yet, then this holiday might be too tempting to pass up the system, even at its current price point.

Skip_Bayless2386d ago

I think we are approaching the limit of shooter fans that don't have a xbox 360, PS3, or PC. Casual games and budget games are what sell systems at this time of the life cycle of these consoles.

MultiConsoleGamer2386d ago

There are a ton of holiday related bundles and deals coming in the next couple of weeks. Plus the system has seen a steady increase in sales in the US, making it the dominant console almost every month this year.

This article doesn't seem like honest observation but rather wishful thinking on the part of the writer.

shikamaroooo2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

The 360 had a Prtice cut a few weeks ago In Australia instead of it getting a lift PS3 sales where up 50% :S????

It would shift numbers in US of A though

IHateYouFanboys2386d ago

thats probably because the PS3 had a price cut of almost 50% over the last few months in australia lol. its down to <30% of its launch price.

Microsoft have been shaving $50 here and there, but more often just increasing value through bundling, whereas sony dropped almost $300 off the price in one hit lol.

the 360 sales wont decline. the 360 wins EVERY holiday season comfortably, and with Gears 3/Forza 4/MW4/BF3/Halo Anniversary/etc and pretty much nothing exclusive on the PS3 that anyone apart from the niche groups and fanboys care about, the 360 + Kinect will keep the trend going.

shikamaroooo2386d ago

PS3 sales increased 400% when it initally cut the price a few weeks later when 360 dropped its price PS3 had another 50% increase in sales

Rynx2386d ago

How ironic your name is.

BrianC62342386d ago

Shouldn't your name be ImAnXbot? You sure make comments like you are one.

gamingdroid2386d ago

***PS3 sales increased 400% when it initally cut the price a few weeks later when 360 dropped its price PS3 had another 50% increase in sales***

The Xbox 360 hasn't had a price drop yet for over two years now.

The 400% increase in PS3 was temporary and short lived, like most price cuts.

I think the Xbox 360 is poised to do well this holiday, primarily because "casual gamers" tend to do their major shopping in the holidays so with Kinect, it will get magnified around that time.

kreate2386d ago

xbox360 had a price cut just last year from 199 to 149 on the white arcade models.

it is now a discontinued product.

gamingdroid2385d ago

That is a clearance, not a price cut per se. When people talk about price cut in connection with consoles, it is permanent price change (for the lower) on a console offering lineup.

So no, it isn't a price cut.

kreate2384d ago


lets not spin words around.

it is a permanent universal price cut on a particular model.
it is both a clearance, and a price cut.

when ps3 dropped to 299. xbox dropped from 279 to 199 for the arcade model.

last year that same exact model got reduced to 149 while ps3 remained at 299.

this year ps3 dropped to 249 while xbox remains at 199.

xbox has always been cheaper than the ps3 when it comes to the lowest priced console.

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