Activision Talks Keeping Black Ops Competitive, Battlefield Slogans and CEO Zingers

PSLS asks Activision how the MW3 marketing juggernaut reacts to Battlefield 3‘s taunts, and if Black Ops is still relevant. - PSLS

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decimalator2416d ago

Or mw3 will suck and people will go back to Black ops

Hufandpuf2416d ago

I just got done playing a few rounds of BLOPS and I have to say that the engine it runs on is severely outdated.

D3stinySm4sher2416d ago

Christ. I'm so sick of this nonsense. Generic military FPS multiplayer game 2011. And now there's TWO OF THEM instead of one, so there can be cross-company trash talking. Oy.

No disrespect to the people making these games - it's quality work - it's just so tiring to see Madden/FIFA/NBA/CoD being the big sellers year after year. I'd like to see more games with IMAGINATION in them selling this well, which is why I'm so glad Batman: Arkham City seems to be performing admirably.

doctorstrange2416d ago

About next gen. Dev costs will be even higher, so publishers will only risk financing these safe bets.

MintBerryCrunch2415d ago

and people say that exclusives are on the way out

not a chance, its the one area where devs can take chances to give an advantage for the console or platform that they are developing for

imoutofthecontest2415d ago

So tired of hearing comparisons and "Which are you getting!?" stuff too. It's a purchase, not a point for a team. Ugh.

LostTokens2416d ago

When I play FPSs I'm more a run-and-gun guy, so I suppose I'm good with MW3.

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