4Player Review: Battlefield 3

"They say you should always follow your heart. That we can do no greater service than being true to ourselves no matter the odds, and no matter the affinity we may have for another. And the premise is quite simple. No amount of replication, even when attention is paid to the most minute details, can ever mimic an original to perfection. The process is doomed from the start, and it wouldn’t be long until the realization is made that we’ll never make as good of a ‘someone else’ as we can make of ourselves. Fakers are spotted right away, of course. Upon first pronouncement they may seem to stand on a firm foundation, but the roadways of that Uncanny Valley stretch far and wide. Mimics always fall apart, and do so fast. And as that veneer slides off like so much of a melting mask, that inkling of true mastery usually begins to shine through from underneath."

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tmoss7262417d ago

Does this even say anything about the multiplayer?

christheredhead2417d ago

reading the review will help you answer your own question.

tmoss7262417d ago

I did. He goes on to tell about all the crap in SP and he doesn't barely mentions MP. I thought the SP was bad, but the game ins't a 7/10 bad. Mind you it's not horrible.

kma2k2417d ago

i wonder how many people just to be dicks will go to a midnight release of MW3 & buy battlefield 3 lol

Solidus187-SCMilk2417d ago

ahha I dont think that that would be being a dick, I think that would just be them being stupid.

Why go to a midnight launch and wait in line to buy a game that came out 2 weeks ago? Its just a waste of their own time and would prove how lame they must be.

Tachyon_Nova2417d ago

Yeah agreed, that isn't being a dick, its being a w*nk*r who needs to get a life.

DonaldBeck2417d ago

this is very strange, even though im doing it,i thought i was the only one who even thought about that.

2417d ago