Call of Duty fun facts will blow your mind

Now that Modern Warfare 3 is available in Australia (who knew?), it's time for everyone to head online for some intense competitive action.

But before you do, best to educate yourself on the juggernaut that is the Call of Duty series, and what better way to than with these fun (and mind blowing) statistics.

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sonicsidewinder2388d ago

These numbers are worrying.

CaptainMarvelQ82388d ago

Not quite blown by the statistics that are shown every goddamn time you play Blackops.

kma2k2388d ago

Someone posted inside the article:

"My mind remains intact, I am disappointed"

now thats funny!

kcuthbertson2388d ago

The article says

"One could only wonder what the combined Kill to Death Ratio would be?"

Umm...wouldn't that be 1:1? For every kill there is a death...or am I not thinking right?