BF3 Back to Karkand Screenshots + Footage Emerge

New videos and screenshots of the upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion pack, Back to Karkand emerge. Showing gameplay of Strike at Karkand and Gulf of Oman,

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3nnui2441d ago

Man I am almost as excited for this as I was for BF3 itself. Can't wait to experience old school BF2 maps in Frostbite 2...

Hufandpuf2441d ago

Yeah and the maps aren't carbon copy so there will be plenty to explore and plenty to remember.

MajorJackHoff2441d ago

Jeez the guy playing is awful.. Take your time and aim your sniper rifle, shit..

ECM0NEY2441d ago


Yeah this is from gamespot i believe. Its really sad how bad they are, and to think these are the same people who play and rate games.

OT: Cant wait for these maps!

xenophage2441d ago


Lol. Word. Those guys suck bad. I mean the sniper wasn't even aiming higher taking the whole bullet drop into account. This reminded me of that E3 Crysis 2 MP video that had probably the worst players ever.

caboose322441d ago

It looks much smaller then the original map. I wonder if this is how it is for all platforms or just the consoles?

Stadler2441d ago

Its only the console version that is smaller.

Shackdaddy8362441d ago

The PC version is almost exactly like the original in terms of size.

Console version is more like the 16p version from the original.

mrmancs2441d ago

like im buying into mw3 when this babys still around? makes mw series look dated and generic.. if you ask me.

JellyJelly2441d ago

Not if you ask teh reviewers lol. Not sure they were playing the same Battlefield 3 as the rest of us though.

This map looks amazing btw.

retrofly2441d ago

Lol they still managed to cluster f**k all the flags.

Septic2441d ago

Its true. What's with that? Thought they would sort it out for the Karkand maps.

Still, the map looks like a load of fun.

electricshadow2441d ago

The flags are close together because they're playing on the PS3. 12 vs. 12.

Shackdaddy8362441d ago

I love how the roof collapses on some buildings.