What Game Would Make You Attend A Midnight Launch?

If you're not waiting for Modern Warfare 3 right now, is there another game out there that would make you attend a midnight launch?

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refocusedman2326d ago

Maybe its just me but, I can always wait until the next day to purchase a game. I have a job and unfortunately (as much as I would love to) I dont get paid to play video games. I never understood why people will wait in the cold for a game that they can easily get if they went to the store at 9am in the morning. Maybe its just me.

Majin-vegeta2326d ago

Some just wanna play it as soon as possible.

Like me for instance,if they were ever to release Star Wars Battlefront 3 i would go to the midnight launch for it.Talking about that where the f is my SWFB3 Lucas arts??

BlackUmbra2326d ago

Goin to the skyrim midnight release. Worth it i can tell you that and i haven't even played it yet.

jacksonmichael2326d ago

Versus XIII... Or Xenoblade. Stupid geography.

edercampuzano2326d ago

Super Mario 3D Land. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Let the fanboy comments begin!