New Tomb Raider Gameplay Footage

New Tomb Raider footage has surfaced on the ‘net. This 3 minute long low quality video show’s Lara navigating what appears to be a small village in the middle of a nasty storm.

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x8002356d ago

i am so excited about this game and farcry 3.

L6RD7BLU32356d ago

I don't know Farcry 2 WAS so disappointing.

x8002356d ago

i think farcry 3 will be an epic action adventure game as for farcry 2 it was alright but not a disappointing game thats just my opinion.

and as for Tomb Raider its ganna be a epic ride just like uncharted games, it looks like its shaping up correctly.

so far loving what i have seen.

ginsunuva2356d ago

You mean was SO disappointing. ?

Avernus2356d ago

Recorded with his toaster.

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The story is too old to be commented.