Bulletstorm, and Dead Island hacked for Kinect support

Button Combo writes: "Since the release of Kinect, gamers have been wondering if or when FPS games would incorporate the motion control technologies. Obviously, no major developers has taken advantage of this yet. However, one gamer decided that it was time for full body motion controls to meet the FPS genre."

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yesmynameissumo2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

It's great that it can be done, but can we see it done in a way in which the games played make you want to use Kinect...for games...on PC?

yesmynameissumo2266d ago

Neat, more games being played on a PC with hacked Kinect controls. Unfortunately, playing said games looks like a chore (as every PC with hacked in Kinect controls looks). Better?

2266d ago
Shadonic2266d ago

really its not bad just because theirs a lot of movement and stuff i mean its like a trade off. Your trading sitting in that chair for a couple of hours while playing your game for playing without a controller gaining a better immersion in the game while also getting in some exercise. Im sure that Microsoft is going to try and push for the processing power of the PC or even better for the next xbox just something that can run kinect even better getting rid of the lag while adding some more features to it as well. Really you cant judge it until you have actually tried playing it like that from what the creator said its pretty good and as someone who hunts for these hacks like elmer fud searches for rabbits ive seen many many hacks and this one is just one of the most best. It really does prove everyone wrong that doubt that kinect could never do something like this.

Rod2266d ago

I want to try this.

gamingdroid2266d ago

Dang Bulletstorm looks fun with Kinect.

Billylol2266d ago

Interesting stuff. I imagine Bulletstorm would be quite fun with Kinect. Not sure about Dead Island though.

Letros2266d ago

Here's the Dead Island video, looks ok, kind of cumbersome.

Grip2266d ago

Actually well done on bulletstorm it's was fun to watch

GrumpyVeteran2266d ago

Amazing with Bulletstorm actually.

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