Steam and Skyrim: An Open Letter to Bethesda Softworks

Modern Zorker writes, "To whom it may concern:

I know that problems of piracy have caused developers to decide that adding some form of DRM to their software is the best way to address this issue. I understand and respect that–if somebody was stealing from me, I’d be looking for ways to better secure myself against theft as well. Unfortunately, Bethesda’s choice to go with Steam as their DRM platform of choice for the impending release of Skyrim has just cost them a loyal customer."

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Letros2420d ago

You should have known, Bethesda has been using Steam as their DRM since before Skyrim was even announced.

Steam is the only effective way at the moment to prevent pre-release piracy.

MAJ0R2420d ago

yup, Steam is pretty much hassle free... unless of course your a pirate lol not sayin this guy is but that's pretty much the only people Steam effects as its a great service and doesn't require a constant internet connection

MajorJackHoff2420d ago

An open letter to the guy who wrote this article..

"To whom it may concern:

How the f*** can you not like Steam?"

That is all."

zag2420d ago

Oh the shock! the Horror!

I don't like steam either, I don't see why a store bought game has to have the authorisation from an another online only company/store program simply to be able to install the game disks that I have paid money for.

Then be sometimes have to wait for the USA release date just to use the already paid for game.

Probably why EA got rid of steam and put out their own program so they didn't lose customers in this way either.

Makes your really wonder who is owning this game really.

The only benefit is being able to return the disks but keep the game 100% working as all the keys will be rego'd to your account.

RedDead2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

I don't like not being able to play though, till Friday with an Early copy, it encourages me to buy the Console version which I don't want when I have a capable Pc. I don't mind too much but damn, DRM sucks

FiLTHY ESKiMO2420d ago

Don't hate me guys, but I actually like Steam. Especially the crazy deals they sometimes have. :)

caboose322420d ago

Why would anyone hate you for that? You would have to be crazy to dislike steam.

Steam is a beloved thing among the PC gaming community.

kcuthbertson2420d ago

Steam is you can see by my wall of a comment below haha...

zag2420d ago

I've gone to some game stores and gotten the same games cheaper than steam prices even with a discount.

It's not always the cheapest.

kcuthbertson2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

This article is rubbish...

The author literally called steam this...

"Surely this was a joke–Bethesda would never stoop to forcing thousands of PC gamers the world over to install such a buggy piece of spyware-addled, privacy-invading, system-resource-hogging garbage as Steam, would they?"

Buggy? - Hardly

Privacy Invading? - It takes your hardware stats...This is Steam, not Origin.

Spyware Addled? - There's definitely not spyware associated with Steam.

System Resource Hogging? - Listen, if you're system is able to even run skyrim...the very tiny amount of resources that Steam takes up isn't going to do shit to your performance.

This is a troll article if I've ever seen one. This paragraph is complete and utter lies...

"I’m dead opposed to Steam for the simple fact that I’ve never managed to get it to work. Ever. All it has ever done for me is cause hassles, create blood pressure-wrecking customer service nightmares, and taught me that buying a game on a platform that uses it for DRM is nothing more than throwing my money into the trash."

Steam is easily the best thing to happen to PC gaming since online multiplayer...

I'm sorry for the ridiculous rant, but this guy, whoever he thinks he is, is NOT a PC gamer. He's a tool.


And one more thing...this guy has never touched steam or any other piece of software if he thinks that Steams DRM is the worst their is...It's easily the best.

zag2420d ago

Buggy - it's gotten a lot better I will say from years ago, in the last 12 or so months way better.

Privacy invading - I guess it can be seeing as it hands out all your info to valve who then hand it off to game companies etc.

Spyware - hard to say but you can get tons of stat based programs that hook into steam accounts but they also complain about wanting a steam code all the time.

When you are trying to install a steam based game disk steam won't install off the disk at all unless you use the installer on the disk and even that sometimes doesn't work properly, the amount of times I've gone through trying to install a game disk only to have steam forget about the disk and start downloading the game via the net is pretty high, the last game I had it tried that about 6 times.

It's a real pain to stop as well as you have to kill the process to completely stop it which screws the steam data and can screw up the next try for the install as well.

Steam isn't the best thing for store bought games it's pretty crap really as it's simply getting in the way more than anything, all the patches can be downloaded as needed via the game itself this was done for many years well before steam was ever an idea.

kcuthbertson2420d ago

Ok, for ALL steam based disk games, all you do is enter the key into steam and it downloads the game whether you have the disk or not...

tmoss7262420d ago

Dude just had a bad experience. For us who don't have bad experiences, it's great.

Theo11302420d ago

"Surely this was a joke–Bethesda would never stoop to forcing thousands of PC gamers the world over to install such a buggy piece of spyware-addled, privacy-invading, system-resource-hogging garbage as Steam,"

I'm pretty sure you mistook steam for origin.

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