This is How Many People Are Already Playing Modern Warfare 3

Kotaku: Here's a snapshot of what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 looked like four hours before the game officially hit the U.S.

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shenglongg2444d ago

Could be correct since analysts predict there are as much as nine millions players who already pre-ordered the game.

Relientk772444d ago

9 million 0_o

dude that has to be a record lol

jeseth2444d ago

I was on at 00:40 and there were not that many people on. It was neat to see the map get brighter as the night went on.

Septic2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

WOW!! Love it or hate it, that is an impressive feat.

One thing I do like about this is that it popularises 'traditional' gaming beyond the usual Wii-fare, and it is quite a sight watching a News Headline on a major news channel about Call of Duty, a first person shooter! If this had happened for the likes of Quake 3, I would have needed a triple bypass.

It kind of warms the cockles of my sad nerdy heart a little that this gaming past-time, which used to be a very niche affair of a few gamers playing Golden Axe on their Sega Mega Drive unknown to the world, is now a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment medium. Truly we are legion (The last paragraph has now rendered it impossible for me to ever get laid).

A-Glorious-Dawn2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Yeah I get the same feeling.
and even though I won't partake in MW3 this year I can rest easy knowing that there are MILLIONS of casual gamers, and millions more family, relatives and non gamers being exposed to the hype surrounding a traditional video game.

(although this kind of does prove that COD is a casual game)

jeseth2444d ago

I agree and disagree.

COD can be as casual or serious as you want it to be.

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gamernova2444d ago

Haters are gonna hate. MW3 FTW!!!!!

Pixel_Enemy2444d ago

I gladly hate MW3. I loved all of the other CODs till I realized it was the same game year after year. I am saving my money till a real NEW COD comes out. Maybe on a new engine perhaps.

Cosmo8112444d ago

So if the engine isn't new then it's not a new game?

SuperStrokey11232444d ago

Jesus, Iroquois, you must not see very many new games then... pretty much nothing since 2007

Heartnet2444d ago

The only difference between sequels is graphics anyway if u really thought about it

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egidem2444d ago

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will always remain the BEST Call of Duty for me. Period. It brought fresh new gameplay elements that kept me coming back for more. It was and still will be an awesome game. Plus the PC version had dedicated servers.

Heartnet2444d ago

wow didnt know that..

Jeez u people need to stop posting the same line on every article... Nobody cares!

LoLZoRz2444d ago

so, if CoD4 is the last good CoD, yet all CoDs in front of 4 are the same/very similar, people are saying that they all suck, how?

if CoD4 is good then CoD4 = WaW, MW2, Blops, MW3.

yes, they're not changed much, but still, they should be good at least.

fail logiz of haters is fail.

inb4 they're all the same, but if they're the same they should be good.

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ConstipatedGorilla2444d ago

I'll play a little duty for 3 days, then it's on to Skyrim!

seinfan2444d ago

lol play a little doodie.

ConstipatedGorilla2444d ago

An appropriate reference, depending on who you ask.

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